Annual SASBCP Conference

The SASBCP hosts an annual pharmacology conference as a platform for members to disseminate their research, share ideas and establish collaborations. Conferences typically take place within the first two weeks of October, and circulate between leading South African higher education institutions as hosts. The conference is an ideal event for students to come together for their professional development, as well as take part in the Young Pharmacologist Awards.

To allow for interdisciplinary research dissemination, the SASBCP often hosts the conference in association with other prominent societies, such as the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa (APSSA), Physiology Society of South Africa (PSSA), South African Neurosciences Society (SANS), South African Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences (SAALAS) and Toxicology Society of South Africa (TOXSA). 

SASBCP Conference Awards

Young Pharmacologist Awards

Our Young Pharmacologists – students working hard to obtain degrees in Pharmacology or related sciences – are eligible to take part in the Young Pharmacologist Awards. The awards are monetary, and graciously sponsored by Novartis. The following awards are up for grabs:

  • Oral Presentation in Basic Pharmacology
  • Oral Presentation in Clinical Pharmacology
  • Oral Presentation in Regulatory Pharmacology
  • Poster Presentation in Basic Pharmacology
  • Poster Presentation in Clinical Pharmacology
  • Poster Presentation in Regulatory Pharmacology

To be eligible for the aforementioned awards, the following criteria have been set:

  • Must be a registered student at a South African higher education institution
  • Paid-up member of the SASBCP
  • For oral presentations, students may only apply for the award once per their degree

Please note that the SASBCP takes pride in the quality of the work that is presented, thus should the awards panel feel that presentations were not of a high standard, or if too few Young Pharmacologists applied for a specific category (typically, less than four), the award will stand to the next year. The associated documents can be found here, including the declaration form.

Best Publication Award

For individuals who have published within the previous year, a monetary award (sponsored by Novartis) is available for the best publication in Basic, Clinical and Regulatory Pharmacology of the previous year as the competition. To be eligible for the award, the first author or last author must be a paid-up member of the SASBCP. Should the SASBCP feel that the papers submitted are not of high enough quality, or not enough submissions were received, the award will stand to the next year. Should not enough publications be submitted, the submission will stand to the following year’s competition. The associated documents can be found here.

Educator of the Year Award

In recognition of excellence in teaching of pharmacology, the SASBCP awards an individual who has shown dedication to education and the promotion of learning in students with a monetary award (sponsored by Novartis). To be eligible for the award, individuals must be permanently employed by a higher education institution and teach within the field of pharmacology. The associated documents can be found here.