Vision and Mission

The South African Society for Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (SASBCP) serves all scientists and health professionals in South Africa (and abroad) interested in pharmacology to promote excellence in science. 

The objectives of the SASBCP are formulated in its constitution as follows:

  • Foster, promote, encourage, develop and support interest, teaching and research in basic and clinical pharmacology.
  • Promote communication and cooperation between societies and industry representing pharmacology and related disciplines.
  • Create forums to present and exchange ideas.
  • Cooperate or associate, at the discretion of the society, with state and provincial departments and local and other authorities.
  • Be proactive in the development of young scientists in basic and clinical pharmacology.
  • Support the development of leadership and capacity in the pharmacology community, including the redress of inequalities.
  • Promote public awareness on pharmacological issues.

Our constitution can be found here.