New Site Design

New Website is up and running, I will create all the users tomorrow.  There is still large-scale editing all over the site to bring everything back.

The invoices are in a separate website that will be brought up later, so please be patient.  The layout of the website was cleaned up a lot.  The website has integration into social networks.  We will add integration to Twitter/Facebook initially with more to follow.

Any suggestions/feedback can be sent via email to the office

Update 1 July 2014 – User accounts recreated, everyone should be able to reset their passwords themselves, anyone unable to receive their password reset request, Please contact the office or myself

Pharmacology in Africa

A milestone for pharmacology in Africa has been reached.  This was the 5th All Africa Congress on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (ACP2012). Africa’s first continental meeting in basic and clinical pharmacology (ACP2012) was held from 11-13 July 2012 in Accra, Ghana. In addition, two capacity-building, pre-congress workshops were held, being the IOSP workshop in Abuja, Nigeria and the workshop in Pharmacovigilance in Accra, Ghana. Please read the report below for more information. Several capacity-building IOSP workshops across Africa are planned for the next number of years.. Please visit the ACP2012 website for more information.

ACP2012 report